Leaders in Baltimore

BTR is the leading indepedent commercial truck company in the Baltimore Washington Region
  • Elkridge, Maryland

    7375 Washington Blvd (Route 1) Elkridge, MD 21075
  • Full Service Shop

    From laptop diagnostics to brakes and preventive maintenance.
  • Easy to Find

    Just south of Route 100 in Elkridge MD

Everything Truck

BTR does everything a commercial truck user would ever need.

Repairs, Routine Maintenance, Body Work, Rentals, Leases, DOT Inspections, Buy Trucks, Sell Trucks.  If it's Trucks, BTR does it!

Trucks are a Hassle

You probably feel the same way about trucks as most people: They cost too much. They break down. Worrying about them gets in the way of handling your real business. In short, they're a real pain in the @!#!!!

A clear case of can't live with them, can't live without them.

Of course we all know why you can't live without them. They are the backbone of your business. How your product actually gets to your customers. When your trucks are not working well, your entire business is at risk. So you put lots of time and effort into making sure that never happens; so much so, that often times it's living with them that will drive you crazy.

That's where BTR can help. We want to live with them for you. It's why we'll be involved in every single aspect of your trucking needs. That way you'll never have to worry about a thing.

Mandated Inspections

Are your DOT inspections up to date?

It's critical to keep your CSA Score under control.

Specials this month!

Body Shop

In addition to our mechanical repairs, BTR does body work on all kinds of trucks.

Drivers can be brutal on equipment. Customers demand trucks that project a professional image. BTR helps you with both.

See how we can help you maintain a professional image at reasonable prices.

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