Truck Sales

We sell used trucks. If you have a need in your fleet, call BTR first.

Used Trucks

Used trucks are great for small and new businesses, independent contractors, larger, businesses who want to keep capital costs down, and extremely rough duty applications where you may not want to beat up a new truck.

We have great vehicles from our fleet, trucks from our customers who have converted over to our Lease/Rental trucks, and other good trucks that we find in our travels, all of them are fully equipped.

Some notes on used trucks

Standard business practice with the sale of commercial used trucks is they are sold AS-IS. Make sure that you take the time to check out any used truck completely BEFORE you finalize a deal with any dealer, BTR or otherwise.
BTR is a licensed dealer only in Maryland and Virginia. However, residents of other states may still buy a truck from BTR from one of our licensed jurisdictions.

Why use BTR for a purchasing a used truck?

Choosing a Make or Model – BTR is independent of make and can direct you towards the proper choices.

Knowledge of Repair Histories – Since BTR deals with all kinds of trucks, we might know that the ‘so-and-so’ model is a troublesome truck and you might want to avoid it. We might know a lot about a truck that a dealer may not tell you.

Spec Experts – We are also experts at ‘spec-ing’ trucks. Getting the right sized truck with the right equipment is critical to having the truck work well over the long term. If you don’t have the expertise on staff to spec your new truck, call BTR.

BTR will not charge you a fee and the price we offer will be fair and a good value.