Our Trucks & Services are available to all types of businesses

Business customers deserve special treatment when it comes to something as critical as their trucks. They shouldn’t have to be waiting in line with residential movers. Their rental trucks shouldn’t have been driven by an amateur moving their apartment goods over the weekend. They shouldn’t have to deal with employees who spend 90% of the time renting cars and just know a little about trucks.

Type of Companies we do business with

    • Small Companies

    • Big Regional Companies

    • In-the-Middle, but a growing Companies

    • Local branch of a Large National Company

Fleet Composition

    • Own some trucks and lease and rent some trucks

    • Lease trucks and not own any at all

    • Own you trucks and need to have them serviced

    • Rent and lease trucks yourself, but need a great repair shop.

Some of the types of businesses BTR is currently servicing

    • Delivery companies

    • Small manufacturer

    • Retailer delivering goods to your customers

    • Express deliveries

    • Deliver the mail

    • Deliver gasoline

    • Trim trees

    • Clothe the poor

    • Bring vintage wine to the table

    • Cater fabulous parties

    • Print everything from marketing materials to annual reports

    • Restock the mall with clothes and shoes.