Truck Leasing

If you really don’t want to worry about your trucks, you lease them. Just tell us what you need. We’ll then buy the truck, paint the truck in your colors with your logo, pay the bank every month and fix the truck (including providing a replacement truck when your truck is being repaired) when it breaks down.

How can BTR make leasing easier for you?

4 Year Leases BTR is home to the 4 year lease. Same as a regular lease, same brand new truck, just shorter term. Why get tied into a truck for 5 or 6 years when we require only a 4 year commitment?

Mileage-Included Leases or Per-Mile Leases, Your Choice BTR offers leases with mileage included, or leases with per mile rates. Typically a Per-Mile lease is better for you since a Mileage-Included lease has built in mileage assumptions that you may or may not actually use. But, if you prefer the comfort of a fixed monthly price, we can certainly accommodate you!

Used Truck Leases Did you know you can lease a 2 or 3 year old truck and save big dollars? A 2 or 3 year old truck is just as reliable as a new truck (sometimes more) but has a much lower cost. Tie this in with a 4 year lease and you’ve got a real cost saver.

Exchange Options Sometimes you start with a certain type of truck and later you need another type. Let’s say you are small and you start with a cube truck. Then you’ve grown and you need a straight truck. With most leasing companies, you’re out of luck. With BTR you can reconfigure a lease to another truck of same or greater value. You can even exchange one big truck for two smaller trucks if that’s what you need. Exchange a big truck for a medium truck and a van. Whatever fits. All without extending the life of the lease.

Use Your Existing Body If you have an existing truck that is nearing the end of it’s useful life, you may not know that the truck body may still be good for many more years. You also may not know that up to 30% of a new truck is the body cost. Consider swapping your existing body onto a new leased cab and chassis to get a great leased truck as major savings.

What Kind of Trucks Can You Lease From BTR?

Any kind of truck! Any make! Any model! Any body style!

Since you’re getting a brand new truck, you get to spec it the way you like. And, because we buy in bulk from our dealers, we can beat the “finance lease” price a dealer is likely to offer you.